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"“There are people who can not see with their physical eyes, but they see through the mind. Such people can see the live and dead forms in all their colors, movements and strength. They surpass all boundaries, rules, space and time."

About Me

My name is Abdel Kader Wawi

In my art, reflection is key. My creative process involves deep introspection, connecting past and present experiences that resonate with my inner self. Art is not just a form of expression for me; it's a journey of self-liberation and exploration that I willingly share with those around me.

Movement is a prominent theme in my work, where I'm currently sowing seeds of love through abstract Arabic calligraphy. Every piece I create is a symphony of my life experiences, a mirror reflecting my personal growth and the vibrant world that continually shapes me.

When viewers engage with my art, I want them to feel the flow and energy embedded in each stroke and color. My art is an open invitation for dialogue, a conversation starter that enriches both the viewer's and my life experience.

Depending on my chosen technique, my creative routine varies. Meditation helps me find tranquility, stretching prepares me for photography, and journaling aids in conception. Overcoming challenges, particularly those related to ego and self-presentation, has been a crucial part of my artistic journey. Through continuous expression, dialogue with trusted peers, and relentless practice, I navigate these challenges, always moving forward, always evolving.

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Wawi Abdel Kader was born on March 11, 1989, in Tripoli, Lebanon, and currently resides in Paris, France. He began his artistic journey with a background in managing information systems at the Lebanese University (2007-2010) before immersing himself in video game conception and creation at LISAA, Paris (2014-2017).

Wawi's artwork manifests through various mediums, including street art, canvases, murals with acrylics, digital painting, light painting photography, tattoo designs, and urban art installations. Through these diverse expressions, he has contributed significantly to solo and collective exhibitions, notably at Le Carrousel du Louvre and in collaborations with NGOs and artists worldwide.

Wawi believes art is sensory philosophy, a pathway for individual and societal growth. Constantly exploring and refining styles and techniques, he embodies the dynamic movement of love and connection in abstract Arabic calligraphy, engaging viewers in a dialogue of enrichment and intrigue.

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